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Clean and restore your furniture

Aladdin upholstery cleaning

With more than 20 years experience in state-of-the art cleaning services we are well positioned to provide you with the best cleaning in London and adjacent regions. Every day your upholstered furniture is in a continuous workout. Keeping pets or having children mean that you have to be a bit more concerned about your furniture and the health of your family. We provide you with the a refreshing upholstery cleaning service that can lengthen the life of your furniture and keep it in healthy and safe. Treat germs, pollens, food crumbs, dust, dirt, stains, and blemishes.

Leather and fabric

We love cleaning all kinds of furniture, made from all kinds of material.


We even clean inside cars. Freshen up your leather and fabric car seats.

Child and Pet Friendly

All products we use to clean your house are safe for both pets and children.

No hidden charges

We will always be upfront about costs. No nasty surprises after the work is done.

Up to date cleaning machines

Well trained staff and the latest technologically advanced equipment

Cleaning for London

We serve all areas of London and adjacent areas of the South East.

Leather cleaning London

Leather furniture often loses its fancy look after continuous use. There is no need to change your expensive furniture or lose hope. You can get the magnificent look again by just getting the best professional leather cleaning services in London by Aladdin cleaning services. If you are looking for a residential leather cleaning or a commercial leather cleaning services, Aladdin cleaning will help you deal with both. We have no issue if you'd like to watch us clean your furniture. Our services are also available on weekends.

Mattress cleaning

Like any other part of your home a mattress is also of great importance to keep clean as it accumulates a huge amount of dead skin, dust mites and their waste as well as other debris and allergens. We recommend a professional mattress clean every 12 months. This will get rid of dirty, bed bugs, dust mites, and allergens. Mattress stains can easily be removed with no marks left behind, if they are treated well. With the help of non-toxic detergents we remove all the bacteria and mites that are deep in your mattress. With the help of strong suction machines, fungus, dirt and dust is also removed and the mattress looks like new.

  • Available on weekends and bank holidays as well as evenings
  • Leather sofas, footstools, chairs, pouffes, etc
  • Car seats and interiors
  • Mattress pre-treating, steaming, and cleaning
  • Mattress and furniture deodorising
  • Cost-efficient prices for London and beyond
Clean and restore your upholstered furniture

Our furniture cleaning services

Aladdin carpet cleaning is up to date with the professional expertise and latest technologies:

  • Germs, pollens, food crumbs, dust, dirt, stains, and blemishes.
  • Help prevent asthma and allergies.
  • Lengthen the life of your furniture.
  • Strong, clean and deep stain removal with gentle and damage free cleaning.
  • Safe for your kids, pets and entire family's health.
  • We love cleaning leather and upholstery, and even deal with cars.

Re-cleaning guarantee

Our customer satisfaction guarantee means we will re-clean if you are not fully satisfied.

Clean fabric furniture
Clean leather furniture

We know that every item requires different treatment. An initial thorough analysis of your furniture and its use allows us to efficiently treat it.

We will return your furniture back to its original position once done. Our experts will of course treat your house like their own. If you have any special requirements with your furniture please let us know on arrival.

We have all the necessary gadgets to deal with any kind of fungus, mould, moisture, or stain.

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