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Pre-clean carpet treatment

& flea and mite removal

What is Pre-Cleaning, and why do I need it?

To tackle the day to day dirt that you, your family, children, and pets may bring in we recommend protecting your carpets with our pre-clean treatment. This involves using extremely powerful chemicals applied to the carpet via our high tech carpet cleaning machinery controlled by our trained cleaning technicians. Stored within our chemicals is a fluid that effectively kills of bacteria including Bird Flu, Rubella and even E. Coli plus many many more bacteria related diseases. Please feel free to contact us to discuss what we can offer.

Scotch Guarding London

Scotch Guarding

We also offer Scotch Guarding, which is a great way to keep a recently deep cleaned carpet looking new. Once applied, it only takes the wiping of a damp cloth to sufficiently removal any dirty marks, or spillages.

If you live in a home with children, pets, or just have a large family - then scotch guarding is highly recommended.

Dust Mite Removal

Sneezing, coughing, or have a runny nose at home? Dust mites could be the cause. They are microscopic organisms that leave waste behind embedded within the carpets, upholstery, curtains, sofas, and anything with a fabric like material. These waste products produced can cause allergic reactions even asthma.

Flea Removal

Fleas once established in your home are extremely difficult to remove due to their life cycle, they breed extremely re sizedfast while growing rapidly once hatched. They can also carry bacteria and parasites, that can be passed on to humans.

Our advanced flea and mite removal service uses our high tech equipment and powerful eco-friendly chemicals by our expert cleaning staff. We are able to completely remove mites and fleas from your home.

Flea and mite removal in London

Pet stain & odour remover

Pets are an adorable addition to any family. However, owning a pet means a lot of concerns. Pet stains can also cause a huge damage to your upholstery, carpet, rugs and other stuff. Besides stains, odour is one of the major concerns of pet owners. Dealing with odour and stains caused by pets is a challenging as well as frustrating job. We offer best and guarantee carpet and rug cleaning services in London and also deal with the other materials like curtains, up holster etc. Our services also include hypo-allergenic solutions and are safe for you as well as your pets.

  • Treatment based on the type or floor or carpet or upholstery and the fabric used
  • Treatment based on the type of animal and stain
  • Use of good quality anti-microbial disinfectant
  • Treatment of stains and odour at the same time
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